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Core Knowledge Preschool DVD

This 25 minute DVD provides a brief overview of Core Knowledge® in general, with an in-depth look at what Core Knowledge for 3–5 year-old children entails.

The DVD documents the research and development of the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence, a set of model guidelines describing fundamental competencies and specific knowledge that provide a solid coherent foundation for later learning for all children. Classroom video clips show all components of the Preschool Sequence as they are put into action in preschool classes.

DVD - 1 Disc

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What Is Core Knowledge?

This ten-minute DVD is Core Knowledge for beginners. It provides an overview of the Core Knowledge curriculum for kindergarten through grade 8. It shows lively Core Knowledge classes in action. It provides interviews with experienced teachers talking about the benefits of using a program that builds knowledge from grade to grade in a coherent and coordinated way. What comes across, both directly and indirectly, is how Core Knowledge excites children about learning and helps teachers improve student performance. It's a perfect way for schools to introduce Core Knowledge to parents and community members.


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