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Teacher Handbook for Third Grade

Teacher Handbook for Third Grade

NEW: Read how two fourth grade teachers use the Teacher Handbook teaching suggestions to develop lesson plans on speeches by Patrick Henry and Sojourner Truth, published in the Spring 2008 issue of American Educator (PDF 819k). If the Teacher Handbook pages are blurry in the PDF, please refer to the printed edition.

The Teacher Handbooks provide background about language arts, history and geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science. Each handbook has been written to look like the Core Knowledge Sequence. For each section in the Sequence, there is a matching section in the handbooks.

The handbooks combine authoritative background information of the sort found in encyclopedias, with teacher tips and review suggestions of the sort found in teacher guides. They pinpoint the main idea for each section, outline the key facts, and provide valuable suggestions as to how to teach and review the topic. They tell you what students need to learn and what they will learn in subsequent grades. They define key vocabulary words, point out cross-curricular connections, offer teaching tips and assessment suggestions, and list books and websites for additional reading.

When used in combination with professional development, the Teacher Handbooks assist teachers in the creation of rich lesson plans and units that promote domain immersion and align with the content of the Sequence and the Common Core State Standards.

See a sample section (PDF 420k) from the Teacher Handbook for Grade 2. Please be patient while this large document downloads.

As part of the Teacher Handbooks Project, the Foundation has also developed several sets of unbound supplemental materials, designed to be used in tandem with the handbooks. They include Text Resources and Art Resources and are purchased separately.


Instructional Masters: A collection of worksheets, maps, and charts that can either be copied and distributed to students or made into transparencies and displayed using an overhead projector. The instructional masters are printed on loose-leaf, three-hole-punched sheets of acid-free paper, and are included with the purchase of a Teacher Handbook. Instructional masters for math or reading are not included, because reading and math programs generally come with their own supplementary materials. The Instructional Masters are shown in the Teacher Handbook next to the topic they support.

The Teacher Handbook Series is composed of the handbook itself, Instructional Masters, Text Resources, and Art Resources, all designed to be used in tandem to give teachers the tools they need to better teach. The Instructional Masters consist of student handouts and teacher materials intended to help introduce, teach, or reinforce topics. The Text Resources include reproducible versions of all of the stories and poems for the grade, plus selected non-fiction texts, song lyrics, and sheet music. The Art Resources consist of full-color art prints, which include all of the artworks listed in the Visual Arts section of the Sequence for the particular grade, and suggested “looking questions” on the back of each art print.

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