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Core Knowledge Sequence

The Core Knowledge Sequence is our tried and true guide to what every child needs to know in Language Arts, American and World History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Math, and Science, Preschool - Grade 8.


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Forms, Brochures & Samples

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Core Classics Teacher Guides

The Core Classics™ series includes stories that have been loved for generations. Faithful to the style, plot, and themes of the originals, Core Classics are designed for use as classroom editions of the literary works listed in the Core Knowledge Sequence. The Teacher Guides below are provided for free to support classroom use of these classic works.

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Grace Abounding Teacher Guides

The definitive textbook on the African-American cultural tradition, in a lavishly illustrated 931-page edition. With Grace Abounding students will gain insight into every facet of the African-American literary and arts tradition, tracing its development from African roots, through Emancipation, Reconstruction, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Black Arts Movement of the 1970s, all the way to the emergent voices of the twenty-first century. The Teacher Guides below are provided for free to support classroom use of this anthology.

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Spanish Translations for the Grader Series

Through philanthropic support, the Core Knowledge Foundation offered Spanish translations of the original editions of the K–3 books in our What Your – Needs to Know series. We are now updating that series and publishing a revised edition of each book. Unfortunately, we do not currently have funding to do new Spanish translations. Since our existing translations no longer match the text, we have removed them from our website. While we hope to offer new Spanish translations, for now we suggest you find support for English language learners (ELLs) at Colorín Colorado, www.colorincolorado.org, the leading national site on ELLs in preschool–12th grade.

Supplemental Information

Appendix B: Biblical Literacy, from the 1999 K-8 Sequence: The Core Knowledge Foundation provides this appendix in response to many requests for a more comprehensive selection of topics from the Bible than is provided in the Core Knowledge Sequence. The topics listed below are not an integral or required part of a Core Knowledge school program. This list of Biblical topics that are widely alluded to in speech and writing has an educative purpose: it is designed to help students understand these allusions when they encounter them. No reasonable person will interpret this list as intending religious indoctrination.

A distinction needs to be made between teaching the Bible and teaching about the Bible. Teaching the Bible as a guide to faith is the job of the home (if the home so chooses) or church, not the schools. Teaching about the Bible in historical context is something schools can do to help produce literate and historically informed citizens.

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