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Pearson Learning

Grades K-6

Core Knowledge History and Geography Program

We deeply regret Pearson Learning’s decision to discontinue publication of the Core Knowledge History & Geography textbook series. We are aware of the inconvenience this decision has placed on schools that utilize the series.
Core Knowledge has re-acquired the rights to the text of these materials from Pearson and is currently working to create a proof-of-concept prototype. The proof-of-concept will allow CKF to secure funding for the program, and will demonstrate enhancements to the existing content, including integration of civics and the arts, and formatting that enables the Foundation to make the series available for free download.
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In the meantime, we have compiled a resource guide in PDF format with history and geography resources listed by grade and domain.

Mackin Educational Resources


Mackin Middle School Sets

Carefully selected books to supplement the Core Knowledge curriculum. One-stop shopping for PreK-12 instructional materials, classroom libraries, and classroom texts.

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Kids Discover

Kids Discover offers award-winning World History and American History content in a fun, fact-packed format. Kids Discover issues can be purchased individually, in themed sets, or in discounted bundles of 10. Teacher’s Guides and Power Vocabulary supplements are also available to help you integrate KIDS DISCOVER into your curriculum.

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