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Movement & Coordination

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Grades P-K

Knowledge Tree Movement, Coordination & Music Materials Kit

This kit includes Core Knowledge PreK Music CD Set, reference books: The I Can’t Sing Book for Grownups, and Where is Thumbkin? BOOKS: The King Who Rained, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, audio cassettes and CDs: Walk Like the Animals, Mother Goose Rocks, Volumes 1-4, Multicultural Thythm Stick, and Where is Thumbkin? OTHER MATERIALS: Successball, set of 6, Plastic Hoops, 1 dozen 30", Foam Hoop Holders, set of 6 pair, 25-Player Rhythm Set, Rhythm Sticks, 15 pair, Fleece Bean Bags, set of 12 assorted colors, Crepe Paper, 85' – Blue, Crepe Paper, 85' – Green, Crepe Paper, 85' – Orange, Crepe Paper, 85' – Purple, Crepe Paper, 85' – Red, Crepe Paper, 85' – Yellow, Footprints: “Wayfinder’s Feet”, and Sound Boxes.

from Knowledge Tree, 1-800-331-0994

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